This is what I’m up to now, a page inspired by Derek Sivers. 

Updated: Jan 2019

Working – Finished the print design for a new green product line (available to buy mid January 2019). Logo design for a beauty startup.

– Reading interests are focused on learning and skill aquisition at the moment (having so much fun learning to play the piano). I’ve found George Leonard’s, Mastery, Peak by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool, and Mastery by Robert Greene particularly insightful.

Watching – Enjoyed The First, and I’m looking forward to seeing Free Solo, directed and filmed by the awesome Jimmy Chin. Check out his heart-in-mouth Instagram feed, just thinking about it makes my stomach somersault.

I watched Beautiful Boy last night. As a depiction of a tested relationship between father and son, it’s a beautifully told story. Timothée Chalamet’s performance in particular is strong, ethereal, perfect.

Beautiful Boy

Listening – Over the Christmas holidays one of our visitors suggested I check out the podcasts, Reply All (wild) and Heavyweight (funny), both from Gimlet Media. Next Christmas I’ll be recommending the same podcasts, in all likelihood to the same person (age related memory loss).

Heavyweight Podcast. Episode 23: Alex

Running – early morning pavement pounding around my town.


Excited to be planning a run/trip along the Cleveland Way. This bit of the trail runs through Saltburn on Sea and along the cliffs, stunning huh?

The Cleveland Way at Saltburn on Sea on new year’s day.

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