This is what I’m up to now, a page inspired by Derek Sivers.

Updated: April 2019

Working — Slipped Poets is live. Lovers of the spoken word, this one is for you.

Reading — Still reading The Brothers Karamazov, because I’ve got to this age without reading any of the Russians and that’s an oversight that needs correcting. Dipping into the book length poem, Garbage by A.R.Ammons.

Listening — Late to the party, I’m working my way through Very Bad Wizards and Heavyweight, podcasts. Marketing/influencer bs-free.

Watching — I can’t recommend Russian Doll highly enough. It’s the story of....never mind, just watch it, you wont regret it. Jimmy Chin’s film, Free Solo, made me want to buy a van and set off on an adventure to run the world’s greatest trails.

Running — And on that note, check out this view from this morning’s run. There’s just enough light in the sky now to be able to leave the pavements behind and hit the trails. This is the Nidd valley at Harrogate, truly beautiful and fantastic running territory.

Jenny Hill 2019