Photography / Various Publications
iStock / Getty
2004 - date

Short Film / Awards For All
Leeds Mencap

Designer / Freelance
Retail / Ecommerce / Amazon FBA 
2006 - date
Writing - Short Fiction
Electric Literature

Writing - Product Descriptions / Various
2016 - date


I work with start-ups, project leaders, community groups, charities and freelancers to provide creative services at the pixel level. You can hire me to:

  • design packaging for your single product using your suppliers template (Amazon sellers)
  • design a clean, scaleable logo or personal mark
  • make a design for your brand/project/event/group/club’s tshirt
  • make a flyer for your community group/event
  • prepare images for your website
  • design elements such as marketing infographics and decorative elements for your website

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Jenny Hill 2019